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YSA (China) Motor Mid-Autumn Festival Blessing


Dear friends:

YSA (China) Motor wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, wish you all the best, and all the best!

In the golden autumn of October, sweet osmanthus is fragrant, the moon is in the sky, and the autumn wind is refreshing. In such a festival that symbolizes reunion and happiness, in such a sweet and warm day, we thank you for your encouragement and help to us. Thank you For the care and support you have given us, I hope that we will continue to work hand in hand and create brilliance in the years to come!

YSA (China) Motors has been in China for 5 years. During this time, we have moved forward step by step, grown bit by bit, won the market with excellent quality, and won the honor with good service. Certainly, especially in the cutting and grinding industry, the scope of application continues to increase. And behind these achievements are the trust and support of friends, and I would like to express my gratitude here!

In the future, it will be our main goal this year to let the YSA brand continue to expand its share in the Chinese market and highlight the advantages of Essa motors in specific industries. Let the Essa spindle motor brand enter more equipment users, with more excellent quality , Accurate service to the majority of equipment manufacturers, is the further improvement of product performance and functions, and the brand effect is more powerful.

Use an old Chinese saying to bless everyone "the moon is the hometown's bright", "the end of the world is at this moment"!

dear friends,

YSA (China) motor wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn festival, everything goes well!

Autumn, osmanthus fragrance, bright, the cool autumn wind, in such a symbol of unity and happiness during the holiday, in such a sweet and warm days, we thank you for your encouragement and help to us once, thank you for your concern and support, once gave us hope in the future days, we work together as always, composed brilliant!

YSA Italian pizza (China) motor has entered China five years, during this period of time, we one step a footprint, every bit of growth, with excellent quality win the market, with good service won the affirmation, especially in particular, cutting drink polishing industry continues to increase application range. And behind these achievements, all friends trust in the support, here to express gratitude!

After continuously, let YSA brand expanding market share in China, in particular industry highlight the advantage of meaning, motor, we will be the main goal of this year, let the meaning, the spindle motor brand into the more equipment users, with more excellent quality, precision, service equipment manufacturers, is the product performance, function of further ascension, more strong brand effect.

With a Chinese saying, I wish you the best of your hometown.

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