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What are the advantages of the dual servo tapping head


The dual-servo drilling and tapping power head can complete the two steps of drilling and tapping at the same time. This is a processing method that cannot be completed by a desktop tapping machine or an automatic hydraulic drilling machine. Almost all desktop automatic tapping machines on the market rely on pitch gears to control the size of the thread. The products produced in this way have higher precision and more complete threads, because this special processing method cannot process drilling and tapping. Thread, so what are the advantages of the dual-servo drilling and tapping power head over the desktop tapping machine? YSA precision staff sorted out a few points to share with you.

1. The dual-servo drilling and tapping power heads are mostly controlled by PLC, and the processing depth can be directly set before drilling and tapping. It can greatly reduce machine adjustment time when changing products.

2. After the machine automatically drills and taps to the set depth, it can automaticallyback tool exit , Even if it is tapping a blind hole thread, the drill bit and the tap are not easy to break, and the safe operation also reduces the production cost.

3. The dual-servo drilling and tapping power head can be equipped with a multi-axis device, which can effectively increase the drilling and tapping speed with the mobile sliding table fixture.

4. The equipment is equipped with a servo motor overload protection device motor, which has an automatic alarm reminder and the machine will automatically stop working under abnormal conditions to avoid damage to the motor caused by overcurrent and overload.

5. The work reminder function of the PLC display can automatically prompt the bad situation of the power head, and can check and maintain immediately, saving a lot of time for troubleshooting.

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